Wellington H.O.G.

Wellington HOG smartphone app FAQ's

Q.  How do I download the Wellington HOG smartphone app?

  • For Android devices, download from Google Play
  • For Apple devices, download from Apple App Store
  • On both stores, search for "Wellington HOG"

Q.  Where do I find my login details?

  • Your login details will be emailed to you after renewing your Chapter membership
  • Or you can use the form below to request login details (provided you are a current Chapter member) 

Q.  Why isn't my login working?

  • Ensure your Password is entered exactly as provided - this is case-sensitive
  • However your Username is not case-sensitive
  • If you still have problems, email the Webmaster for assistance

Q.  Do I have to login each time I open the app?

  • No - your phone should remember your login details after the first time your first successful login

Q.  Are there more features and functions coming?

  • Yes, we will roll out more as they are ready, including an events page/calendar


Request login details for the Wellington HOG app

Please complete your details below to request a User login for the app.